Re-percussion has been selling Mike Balter mallets in New Zealand since the late 1980''s. If your school or band has some Balter mallets, then they probably came from us. With this experience and our links direct with the factory, we can support and advise you for all of your percussion mallet needs.

We stock the following series, but also have other models and mallet bags:

Unwound Series (#1-10, 91-93)

The Unwound Series consists of various oval shaped rubber, wood, metal, and plastic heads to supply multiple timbres and dynamic levels. Designed for response, clarity, control and sensitivity. The Unwound Series is available in Satin Birch, Black Birch, Two-Stage Fiberglass, or Rattan Handles.

Pro Vibe Series (#21-25)
The Mike Balter Pro Vibe Series carries on a heritage of performance and reliability with a distinctive style. The heavier, round shaped cord wound mallet head provides the preferred vibe sound. Ready to impress in any situation, the Pro Vibe Series with its ideal weight and balance is the all-around choice for today''s player. Available in Satin Birch or Rattan Handles (Black Birch and Two-Stage Fiberglass also available ex-factory).

Contemporary Series (#81-86)
This light-weight, dual-tonal, wool yarn wound series provides improved dexterity and smooth rolling for today''s accomplished marimba soloist. Available in Satin Birch or Rattan Handles (Black Birch available ex-factory)

Balter Basics (#BB1-12)
Designed to provide the student and band program with an economically developed solution for obtaining mallets. With exceptional quality at an affordable price, this color-coded series has a model for every percussion situation. Balter Basics come with moderately thicker birch handles for more control and durability. Balter Basics are featured in the Band Director'™s Special prepack.


Balter Basics II (#BB21-27)
Balter Basics II is a line of economically developed products for the high school percussionist or student in a Percussion Methods Class. This series will provide the player a mallet that has a great feel and exceptional quality at a very affordable price. The three round-headed marimba models (BB21,BB22,BB23) produce a full tone and the three mushroom shaped vibe models (BB24,BB25,BB26) have a bright, articulate sound. Model BB27 is ideal for general marimba playing, wood blocks, temple blocks, and an array of percussion instruments.

Timpani Mallet Series (#T0-5)
Made with select maple shafts. Only the highest grade felt is used to produce these seamless Timpani Mallets.

Concert Bass Drum Mallet Series (#CBD1-5)
Synthetic covered heads offer extended durability. The hard-wood maple shafts are well-balanced allowing the player to get a big, warm sound. An ideal selection for the professional or the school band and orchestra program.


Felt Bass Drum Mallets (#MBD1-4)
Four sizes of hard felt heads on durable heavy-gauge aluminum shafts with non-slip grips for improved balance, control, and articulation.

Suspended Cymbal Mallet Series
Two models to meet all of your band, orchestra, and ensemble needs. Model SC1 features a tightly wound head for articulation and a cutting cymbal roll. SC2 is perfect for general playing supplying mellow single strokes and a big sound on long cymbal rolls.

Descriptions of the full range are available on the Mike Balter website


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